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What To Do For Pain in the Neck and Mid Back

Your neck is so stiff you can barely look over your shoulder. The space between your shoulder blades feels like someone’s got your spine in a vice grip.  Your shoulders are so close to your ears it looks like you’re trying to start a new fashion in earrings.  This is not a pleasant situation. AndContinue Reading

If You Must Sit at a Computer, At Least Do This…

I hope you’re sitting down for this because I have some news….your office chair is killing you.  No, seriously, it is.  Sitting is now a proven health risk, as you might have guessed from the chronic aches in your back, neck and shoulders. Peter A. Levine, an obesity specialist at the Mayo clinic, states, “WhatContinue Reading

Enough with the Foam Rolling, Already

Foam rolling is the latest fad to rip through America’s gyms.  In cities across the country, scores of people can be found flopped over their foam rolls, gritting their teeth as they iron out their stiff, tight, painful muscles. But, does foam rolling really work? This is probably going to ruffle some feathers and garnerContinue Reading

How to fix flat feet

Are flat feet genetic?  Do people with flat feet face a lifetime of supportive shoes and corrective orthotics?  What causes flat feet, exactly? Actually, about 20% of the American population has so-called “flat feet.”  This is defined as a foot that has no discernible medial arch.  If you ask a flat footed person to stepContinue Reading

Got any upper back and neck pain stretches?

Upper back and neck pain are the worst. Not being able to turn your head and look over your shoulder plus feeling like your shoulders are permanently attached to your ears has a very confining, straight-jacket-like feeling. Most upper back and neck pain happens not because the neck is tense but because the shoulders are.Continue Reading

Interview with Mike Mahler: Addressing Systemic Inflammation for Pain Relief and Longevity

About Mike Mahler Today I’m honored to bring you an interview with internationally recognized strength trainer, kettlebell instructor and nutrition expert, Mike Mahler. Mike has always been an inspiration to me. He is deeply knowledgeable about all facets of fitness and is a superb teacher, having the ability to synthesize complicated scientific concepts into logicalContinue Reading

Got Pain? Eat These Top 5 Anti Inflammatory Foods

Guest Post by Lisa Consiglio-Ryan Whether you have knee pain, back pain, or headaches, a quick response is to reach for the ibuprofen or any drug you can find your hands on. While these drugs may provide quick relief, over time, they can actually weaken our immunity or cause unwanted side effects. Nature has givenContinue Reading