Video: How to Get Rid of a Foot Cramp

Foot Cramp Relief

This video shows you a myofascial release trick to get rid of a foot cramp and prevent it from coming back.  Do this frequently, especially if you wear a lot of high heels or very tight, constrictive shoes to keep foot cramps from happening again.

This exercise is great at the end of the day to relax sore, tired feet but be gentle and careful if you have a foot cramp happening while you are doing this.  You don’t want to cause extra tension and cramping.

10 thoughts on “Video: How to Get Rid of a Foot Cramp

  1. That was a great video, although I would have preferred to see more of the use of the reflexology ball.
    I usually use a golf ball to exercise my feet while I am sat watching TV at the end of the day but your soft ball seems as if it would be more comfortable to use.
    Sometimes I try to roll a newspaper up with my feet, and pick pencils up between my toes.
    I’m not very good at it but I am thinking that the actual trying is a good exercise for me.
    What do you think?
    I’ve just found your website as I was browsing the internet and I enjoyed the post. Thank you

    1. Hey Dave, thanks for stopping by. Definitely rolling things up with your feet – newspapers, towels, etc. – and picking up pencils or marbles will increase dexterity, strength and flexibility and keep your feet from cramping. Golf balls are also good, though sometimes a little slippery!

  2. Just popped over to say hello Sukie! While I’m here, I’ve found another awesome tip that I can do RIGHT NOW! Hope you are well. And I must say…your website is gorgeous!


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melody! Glad this video was useful for ya 🙂 And thanks for the compliments on the site! I am SLIGHTLY addicted to Photoshop these days.

  3. I get foot cramps between 20-30 times a day and normally they go away by just stretching my toes up but other times they do not. I have tried your suggesstions but the only problem is every time I try I end up with a foot cramp while doing to excercise. I recieve a foot cramp every time I point my toe and so I feel that there is nothing I can do but live with the pain.

    1. Hi Jane,

      If you’re getting foot cramps that often, you definitely have an imbalance. It may be physiological, as in an electrolyte imbalance or a lack of magnesium or potassium in your system, or it may be structural – tight joints and muscles. I suggest you seek the advice of a naturopathic physician who can take a look at your blood work and give you some nutritional suggestions. You may also want to find a Rolfer in your area who can address physical imbalances.

      Good luck!

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