Not Being Yourself Is The Most Painful Experience You Can Ever Have.

So many of us are letting the wounds of our past dictate the promise of our future.

It's time to stop hiding the real you behind a mask of normalcy just to fit in.

Start giving fear and self doubt the silent treatment.

Life isn't ever going to move any slower.  If you don't step up?  You're going to have to step down.

Rediscovering the real you starts with unlocking your body.

Come with me, I'll show you how.

"Sukie Baxter is a woman with an incredible heart and wisdom beyond her years. She has an amazing ability to focus entirely on the person she is with, listen carefully to him or her and respond in a way that encourages confidence and growth. I was not surprised to find my body responding quickly and positively to Sukie’s touch. What did surprise me, however, was my mental response. Not only did I become completely relaxed and calm during my session, but I found myself much more present and accepting of myself. Being around Sukie makes me want to be a better person. I would recommend her to anyone I know." - Coventry J.

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